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According to plans at the central and provincial level, Shaanxi has started COVID-19 vaccination campaign for foreignnationals residing in the province. Foreign nationals can now receive vaccination on a voluntary basiswith informed consent and at their owm risk. Answers to most asked questions are as follows:


What is the age requirement for vaccination?



What type of vaccine will be used: and how many doses do I need to take?


Whole virion inactivated vaccines produced in China will be used. Two doses are required with at least 14 days apart.


What documents should be provided for making an appointment and upon vaccination?


Foreign nationals should provide valid documents when making appointments and present their passports and valid residence permits at the vaccination site. Please make sure that your documents are still valid on the date of taking the second dose.


What papers should I sign before vaccination?


Before vaccination, you should sign a form of informed consent and a statement of bearing personal responsibility for all risks associated with vaccination. Please take necessary precautions and inform the vaccination administrator of your health condition so that they can decide whether you are suitable for vaccination. Both the consent form and the statement will be provided by the designated vaccination hospital.


which groups of people can be vaccinated free of charge?


Foreign nationals who are covered by the social medical insurance of Shaanxi Province can take the vaccine free of charge upon presenting proof of social insurance at any vaccination site.


Who needs to pay for vaccination?


Foreign nationals who are not covered by the social medical insurance of Shaanxi Province can take the vaccine with a fee of RMB 100 per dose, which includes RMB 90 for the vaccine and RMB 10 for vaccination service.


Will there be any adverse reactions after vaccination?


There might be. According to existing clinical trial data, possible sie effects of COVID-19 vaccines are similar to those of other vaccines, which includes: slight redness and swelling, scleroma, pain, fever, fatigue, nausea, headache, muscle soreness, etc, which generally do not require medical care.


What care should I take before and after taking the vaccine?


Make sure you take your passport, valid residence permit and proof of Shaanxi medical insurance coverage with you on the day of vaccination. Make sure you have a good rest and do not drink alcohol the day before vaccination, and do not come with an empty stomach on the day of vaccination. Stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes for observation, and may only leave if you show no adverse symptoms. You should immediately seek medical help and alert your organization if: you develop symptoms like persistent fever. Do not take a bath, drink alcohol or do fierce exercises within 24 hours after vaccination.


How do I make an appointment for vaccination?


Foreign nationals in Shaanxi who wish to get vaccination can contact local epidemic prevention and control headquarters at the city (district) level to learn about relevant policies, go to designated hospitals, make a registration, select an inoculation time slot, and take the vaccine.


The service hotlines of cities (district) are as follows:


Xi'an:029-89820877,029-89821003; Baoji:0917-3261290; Xianyang City:029-33210444; Tongchuan:0919-3183053; Weinan City:0913-2931820; Yan'an City:0911-7090829; Yulin:0912-3851248; Hanzhong City:0916-2626441,0916-2626985; Ankang City:0915-8992394; Shangluo City:: 0914-2330209,0914-2313650; Yangling Demonstration Zone: 029-87036976; Hancheng City: 0913-5301286; Shaanxi public health service hotline: 029-12320.


How can I get my proof of vaccination?


Foreign nationals may get the vaccination proof from the hospital after taking the second dose of vaccine.


Do I need to wear masks after being vaccinated?


Though vaccination will produce immunity and greatly reduce the risk of infection, no vaccine is 100% effective; some people may have insufficient antibodies after taking the vaccine and can still be vulnerable to infection. So it is important that you keep the habit of wearing masks, washing hands and keeping social distance.


Do I still have to take nucleic acid test after being vaccinated? Can my vaccination proof replace a nucleic acid test report?


Vaccination can reduce the infection risk, but no vaccine is 100% effective. Those who have been vaccinated still have to cooperate with authorities for necessary nucleic acid tests in some cases.









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